Leo Navas, de man die ondersteboven loopt

Leo Navas, de man die ondersteboven loopt
Magic Circus turns your world Upside Down

Sottosopra! What? Let us explain, Sottosopra is the new of the brand new production with which the Magic Circus will wizz through the biggest cities of Holland.

An acrobat who walks against the ceiling of the Big Top like a fly. A South-American beauty who whilst standing on head is spinning around on her trapeze, without a net! An acrobat from Latvia who cannot stop making handstands on a stack of chairs that is getting higher and higher. All tricks that are upside down, or as the Italians say: “Sottosopra”.

Originele luchtacrobatiek

Luckily Clown Jofri is afraid of heights and remains with both feet on the ground. As usual this Dutch Champion in Magic has put many tricks and gags into his high hat. The result is a fountain of comical and poetical events that will astonish the audience.

Jofri is surrounded by an international cast of multi disciplined artists. They enrich the performance with Eastern mast acrobatics, dazzling hoola-hoop, powerful handstands and magical moments, illusions and animal surprises.

Magic Circus is well-known for not beeing an average circus. The shows are fast, flashing and modern, always giving a message that audiences do not have to see, but a message that one could use. It is good to look at things from different points-of-view. Sometimes looking at things upside down offer a brand new perspective. That is what Magic Circus does in 2016, yet again: offering a new perspective on circus and by doing that also on our hasty daily life. Let Magic Circus turn your world UPSIDE DOWN. It helps!