No don’t be scared! There is no crisis at the Dutch Favourite Urban Circus. The numbers of visitors are on the rise. “For Sale” is merely the name of our brand new show with which we will hurry around the biggest cities of Holland like a hurricane. A show in which our modern theatre circus will mirror society. It is what makes Magic Circus unique and worth a visit, with or without children.

For Sale
Street vendors, what happened to them? The last street vendor of Holland has parked his pushcart full of wares in the middle of the Magic Circus big top. Much to the astonishment of everyone, but soon we discover that the comical vendor Jofri really has something for everyone. A gigantic iron shark jaw, you must be crazy to buy one of those. So not surprisingly the buyer is wearing a straight jacket. Immediately this daredevil will get himself hosted up, hanging in the middle of the opened jaw. He hopes to escape from his straight jacket before the jaw will snap shut. Will he be in time or should we already call for an ambulance?!

It is good to recycle so two acrobats buy a huge rubber tire. You will be amazed by the tricks they can do with it, both in the ring and high above. Our box-office lady needs a new calculator. Somehow she ends up buying a miniature horse, luckily one who turns out to be a true calculating miracle. The artists are thrilled, it seems the street vendor can sell you everything. Everything? No, because not everything is for sale. Love isn’t. Same goes for mercifulness. And these are just the things to keep life livable. Things that can make the world “great again”. For sale? Okay, but nobody feels cheated. Buy your tickets now, once you’ve seen Magic Circus you’ll be sold forever!