Our regular visitors, groupies and fans already know that our yearly changing shows always consist of circus with a twist. In 2019 our twisted minds created a spectacle that is offering more twists than ever. So no better title than TWIST!

The most terrible traditional red nosed clown you’ve ever seen will chuck away his red nose, wig and grease paint, update his material to modern times and… well… lets say you will finally be able to see a funny clown in a circus again.

Magic Circus TWIST! 2019
Magic Circus TWIST! 2019

But there are many other twists in the show. A hoolahoop battle between to artistes might get out of hand but will be elegantly solved. Unique is the female star from the People’s Democratic Republic of Osmenia who not only dances on a wire but can also walk on real champagne bottles, even after just having emptied each and every one!

Direct from Limerick Ireland you can be amazed by our most flexible team member: Daragh. He can drink with his feet. Sounds amazing? Well duh! Magic Circus actually offers a show that is worthwhile the visit. So what are you waiting for. Order your tickets for the favorite circus of Dutch modern families. The missing link between over-dramatized and depressing modern Cirque and classical circus. A fun outing for the entire family!

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Our performance includes smoke effects, pyrotechnics, live pigeons and stroboscopic lighting. Due to health and safety regulations prams are not allowed to be placed amongst the seats in the Big Top but must be placed under the seating system without a child in them.