What is the duration of the performance and is there an intermission?

The performance including intermission, lasts ca. one hour and forty minutes (1h40). We always try to start on time, but it can happen that we start late when many guests arrive at the last moment and still need to buy a ticket at the box office.

Is Magic Circus wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Magic Dome circustent is accessible with a wheelchair. But our toilets are not.
PLEASE NOTE! Wheelchairs can only be placed in the seating category chairs. Due to the restricted amount of wheelchairs for every performance we urge everyone in a wheelchair to tell us so via email pers@magic-circus.nl. (Minimum 24 hours before the performance) This way we can check and let you know if we still have wheelchair place(s) available.

How old does my child need to be to visit Magic Circus?

Circus started out as a cultural phenomenon for the adult elite. Hence Magic Circus is also not 100% focused on entertaining children. However we do awaken the child in everyone and our performances are also fun for children to attend.

As a parent or caretaker you know your child best. Is it scared easily or not, you know the child’s preferences. Magic Circus plays with emotions. Sometimes it can be thrilling (also for the parents and grandparents), and we also add plenty of beautiful and sensational acts.

Every child from one year or older must have a ticket. Even when they sit on your lap.

Can my child remain seated in a buggy or pram?

No, just as in theaters fire regulations stipulate that prams are not allowed to be placed between seats or chairs. We can place the pram underneath the tiers of seats (at your own risk). We cannot place them in view as they will obstruct the fire exits which naturally is not allowed. Circus staff will tell you where you can park your pram.

Why do I need to fill in my email and telephone number whilst ordering tickets online?

We need your email so the system can send you your tickets. A telephone is not necessary but appreciated because we will be able to contact you in the extraordinary case that we need to cancel a show due to extremely bad weather conditions. This way you do not show up for nothing.
We will NEVER USE THEM FOR MARKETING PURPOSES! Refreshing isn’t it?! We will not call you with terrible great offers of spam you’re inbox. All data from our ticket provider is anonymised 182 days after the performance. If only more companies could be like Magic Circus!

At what time do we need to be at the big top?

All the seats are not numbered, so the people who arrive first will be seated best. Our Magic Dome circus big top will open ca. 15 minutes before the performance, sometimes there is already a queue at that point. The circus box office opens an hour before every performance.

There are no more tickets available online… What now?!

Well you might be too late for the pre-sale online and at the Primera stores stops 120 minutes before every show. This enables our box office team to get the numbers and ensure we never sell too many tickets. We never add all our tickets to the pre-sale system so normally you can still get some tickets at the circus box office.

Can I buy tickets at the circus box office for another day?

YES, YOU CAN! However, there might be a (long) queue at the box office. If you arrive at the moment the box office opens (one hour before every show) there normally are less people and you can be served quicker. For example on Friday you can already purchase tickets for Saturday or Sunday. Please bear in mind that bought tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for other dates or times.

Can I simply mention the online discount code at the box office?

You can, but it won’t be accepted. Online is online and the circus box office is not online. If you have a discount coupon you can use the code on it online, or bring the coupon along to the circus box office to get a discount. Please not the max. amount of persons per coupon!!! If you want to be sure you can get in, we strongly advise you to purchase your tickets online in advance. Especially for the weekend shows. If you’d like to buy a ticket for another day at the box office than this isn’t a problem at all.

Do you have toilets?

Yes we do. But please note that our toilets are not accessible with wheelchairs and difficult to access if you have mobility problems.