PROTO! Ehm, beg your pardon? PROTO! that is the name of the brand-new production of Magic Circus, the Dutch Urban Circus. During the lockdown we realized it would be impossible to visit all locations we normally do. So we decided to not celebrate our 50 year jubilee at all. It is no fun to celebrate in a year like this, let alone when not all your fans will be able to attend. Instead our tour management had to throw themselves into the magical world of COVID19 regulations and protocols. Very soon we started abbreviating protocol to PROTO!. 

The creative process was tickled and starting bubbling. Great poetical ideas where turned into reality, some ludicrous and quite outrageous ideas too. An experience we had in a certain Chinese restaurant in London’s West-End with the worst and most rude service ever came to mind. This translated into the question: When the circus needs to go into Covid-lockdown, what would a clown do? Naturally they would decide it is a good idea to open a restaurant. So as you enter the Magic Dome big top (with 1,5 meters social distancing for adults of 13 years and above from different households), sit back and relax as you will be able to enjoy the antics of Jofri and Dave’s restaurant.

A restaurant where a Christmas dinner dances on the table and a giant chicken attacks the chef. Where the service is not up to par and there is loads of weird stuff happening. Naturally with a big dose of acrobatics, juggling, fire and fun.

Despite Covid-19 the Magic Team has created a modern fun-filled circus experience that can be enjoyed in compliance with the Covid19-regulations. To all our fans we would like to point out that a lot of things will be different, so please do read the Corona-measures we’ve had to put into place before purchasing a ticket.

You can purchase tickets here.