Premium Shows voor VIPS en Stadspas Amsterdam 2020

Shows for vips and stadspas

Children's Stadspas Amsterdam offer 2020

Children from 3 – 12 years of age with a Children’s Stadspas can purchase a ticket for themself and one accompanying adult (13 years and above) for just €1,- per person for the Premium Shows. These tickets can only be reserved at the circus box office, not online.  The Stadspas terms for the maximum amount of activities with your Children’s Stadspas apply.  CLICK HERE for more info.

NEW! Premium Shows for Stadspas and Vips

Premium Shows for Vips and Stadspas. That’s something Magic Circus has never done before. Why now?

Every year a great number of children with a Stadspas, but also many friends and partners of the Magic Circus come to enjoy our performances. Thanks to the COVID-19 regulations the capacity of the Magic Dome Big Top has been reduced significantly. This means less people per performance that can enjoy our spectacle and that some performances will be more likely to sell out online than normal. 

Because the Children’s Stadspas needs to be scanned to check if they can be used for this offer and to register that the offer has been used, it is impossible to buy Stadspas tickets online.

It is also impossible to simply let our partners and friends in as easy as we used to do. 

Naturally the Magic Team does not want to disappoint anyone. That is why we created the special Premium Shows of which the tickets in the category Brenda can only be booked at the box office. The category in which the offer for the Stadspas is valid and were we would normally also seat our friends and VIPS. 

This way everyone can still stop by to experience our brand-new production: PROTO!

Where & When?

Below you can find a summary of all the locations, dates and showtimes of the Premium Shows.

Oosterpark - Amsterdam-Oost

Friday 28 August at 18:00 (6PM)
Saturday 29 August at 18:00 (6PM)

Haarlemmermeerstr. / Theophile de Bockstr. - Oud-Zuid

Saturday 5 September om 18:00 (6PM)

shores Sloterplas, opposite Theater De Meervaart - Osdorp

Friday 11 September om 18:00 (6PM)
Saturday 12 September om 18:00 (6PM)

Joris Ivensplein - IJburg

Saturday 19 September om 18:00 (6PM)

Purmerplein - Amsterdam-Noord / Nieuwendam

Friday 25 September om 18:00 (6PM)
Saturday 26 September om 18:00 (6PM)

Opening hours box office

The Magic Circus Ticket Office is opened from 60 to 15 minutes prior to each performance.

If you want to avoid lines, you can get your tickets a day or a couple of days earlier at the ticket office before the start of another performance.