Enjoy Magic Circus and pay with your U-Pas

In 2020 Magic Circus is collaboration once again with the U-Pas to ensure that everyone can enjoy our performances. You can get only ONE TICKET per U-PAS holder. You can pay the circus tickets completely from your U-pas Credit.

As always the U-Pas need to be scanned to see if you still have enough credit on it. Therefore tickets can only be booked at the circus ticket office and not online. The ticket office is opened from 60 to 15 minutes before the start of every performance. If you want  you can stop by at the circus ticket office a couple of days earlier to get your tickets and avoid disappointment on the show day itself. 

SPECIAL DEAL on Class Brenda

You will pay the tickets with the credit balance on your U-pas. So no need for extra cash (unless you do not have enough credit left on your U-pas).

If you purchase your ticket for Class Brenda you not only can pay it in full with U-Pas Credits, but you also get a 50% DISCOUNT on regular prices.

If you prefer to get tickets in Class Anna, you do not get a discount, but you can still pay them completely from your U-Pas credit (if there is still sufficiently left on your pass). 


U-Pas Deal Magic Circus Utrecht 2020