Corona Admittance Tickets @ Magic Circus

Corona Admittance Tickets? At the Magic Circus?! Yes. From Saturday the 25th of September 2021 every event in the Netherlands is forced by the government to use what the Dutch call “Coronatoegangsbewijzen” which roughly translates into Corona Admittance Tickets. But what is it? How does it work and above all how do I get one so I am allowed to visit Magic Circus?! On this page we hope to show you how, relatively, easy it is to get a Corona Admittance Ticket. Either via the CoronaCheck-App on your smartphone or on paper. Please note that the most accurate information is always provided by the Dutch Government. We try to keep this page updated but it can happen that new changes still need to be added.

How Do I get a Corona Admission Ticket?

You can get a corona admittance ticket in 1 of these 3 ways:

1. Vaccination Certificate:
Full corona vaccination. With a European approved vaccine. In the Netherlands, a vaccination is usually valid from 14 days after you have been fully vaccinated. Were you pricked with Janssen on or after August 14, 2021? Then your vaccination in the Netherlands is valid after 28 days. Usually, CoronaCheck can automatically collect your vaccination certificate from the systems of RIVM or GGD.

Are you visiting the Netherlands and would you like to go to the Magic Circus? And did you come to the Netherlands with a European Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) from another country? You can also use the same QR code to go to an activity. This is usually if your DCC is based on a vaccination certificate or recovery certificate. Do you have a DCC with a test certificate? Then your negative test at the start of the activity must not be older than 24 hours. Was your test too long ago? Then get tested again to gain entry for the event. You cannot upload this Dutch test result in another European app. Go to CoronaCheck.nl to convert your negative test result into a QR code for your activity.

2. Recovery Proof:
Proof of a positive corona test from a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 180 days ago.

3. Test proof:
A negative test result less than 24 hours before the activity.

Step-by-step plan Corona admission ticket & Visit Magic Circus


1A. Download the CoronaCheck App
CoronaCheck works on iOS and Android phones from Android 6 and iOS 12 (iPhone 5s and newer). The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can show a maximum of 1 corona proof per person in the app.

1B. Print a paper Corona proof via Coronacheck.nl
Don’t have a smartphone? Or would you rather have your corona proof on paper? Or are you going to an activity with people without an app? Then you can also print the corona proof for yourself or your children via the website CoronaCheck.nl.


Upload 1 of the following 3 accepted proofs in the CoronaCheck app or on CoronaCheck.nl:

Upload Vaccination Certificate
Go to the CoronaCheck app or the CoronaCheck.nl website.
Log in with your DigiD. Check whether your DigiD works. The application for a new DigiD takes a few working days.
Your vaccination details are automatically collected from RIVM (if you have given permission for this) and the GGD. The data is then automatically uploaded in the CoronaCheck app or the website CoronaCheck.nl.
More information about vaccination certificates
Not working? See if you can find your answer at the information about vaccination certificates.

Upload recovery certificate
Have you had a positive PCR corona test at the GGD that is not older than 180 days? And not shorter than 12 days? Then the GGD will issue a digital recovery certificate.

  • Go to the CoronaCheck app or the website CoronaCheck.nl
  • Log in with your DigiD. Check whether your DigiD works. Requesting a new DigiD takes a few working days. (not available for non-Dutch residents!)
  • The details of your recovery certificate are automatically collected from the GGD. The data is then automatically uploaded in the CoronaCheck app or on the website CoronaCheck.nl.

Serological Test NOT Admissible
The result of a serological corona test cannot be used as proof of recovery in CoronaCheck..

Upload A Negative Test Result

For a test result you must be Tested Before Access, the steps are explained in the video below (the government had it in Dutch only, on their behalf we’d like to say: Sorry):

NOTE: If you test positive you will not be allowed to go to the performance and you will need to go into isolation.


Scan QR Code at the circus entrance
The CoronaCheck app or the website CoronaCheck.nl automatically creates your corona admittance ticket in the form of a QR code. Have this QR code scanned at the entrance of the Magic Dome Big Top. If you see a green screen, you have a valid corona ticket. Is the screen red? Then the proof is somehow invalid or expired and you are not allowed in.


Identification check and check circus ticket
Don’t forget your ID when you visit. The person at the entrance compares the details of your proof of identity with the details in the corona admission ticket. After this you continue to the entrance of the circus. Finally, show your circus tickets. If everything is correct, the circus staff will show you to your seats.