Covid-19 measures & regulations

On this page we’ve created a clear overview of the most important Covid-19 measures and regulations we’ve put into place to ensure the safest way to create our circus magic for both audiences and our team. The entire document with the measures that was checked by the city council (in Dutch) can be viewed on the right. We’ll be adding an English version shortly for those who’d like to know all the details.

Without a protocol it isn’t allowed to give any performances. That is why the Magic Team takes the measures and regulations very serious and we will ensure that they are strictly followed. We can only beat Covid19 together, so we ask all our visitors for their co-operation. Visitors who do not comply with the regulations will be denied acces to the circus and/or removed from the premises without the right to a ticket refund. Unfortunately this is the only way for us to keep everyone else safe.

 The Magic Circus is a partner of the Alliance of Event Builders. Besides that we are also a board member of Circuspoint, the Dutch Circus Branche Platform. We not only participated in several negotiations, but very much actively involved in the creation of the COVID19 protocols to ensure the safest possible visit to a (circus)event for everyone.

A visit to Magic Circus is, just as a visit to the supermarket or family members, entirely at your own risk.


  • Is anyone in your household experiencing/ showing Covid19 complaints? Stay at home! 
  • Tickets have to be booked in advance. You can do so online till 120 minutes prior to a performance or from 60 to 15 minutes prior to the show at the circus box office. 
  • Fill in the health check on your ticket before coming to the circus.
  • No admittance to the performance without the filled in health check.
  • If staff is in doubt about your health status acces can be denied.
  • Adults (13 years and older) from different house holds will be socially distanced 1,5 meter from each other.
  • Entering the Magic Dome Big top and taking seats is done per house hold, so stay together!
  • Hand disinfection takes place upon entering the big top. This is obligatory.
  • Entering the big top to take seats starts 30 minutes prior to each performance. Staff will appoint your seats to ensure enough distance to others.
  • Once seated you cannot switch places or leave the big top.
  • It is not possible or allowed to keep seats free for friends or family members who are running late.
  • Be on time! Once the show has started it is not allowed to enter the big top.
  • Shaking hands or high fives are not allowed.
  • Cough and/or sneeze in your inside elbow.
  • Do not touch your face during the performance.
  • Use paper handkerchiefs to blow your nose and throw these away in the bins after the performance.
  • There are NO TOILETS.
  • Chanting, singing, shouting bravo or screaming is not allowed.
  • There is NO INTERVAL to prevent extra contact moments (and the entire fuss of getting everyone out and back in one by one).
  • At the end of the performance you stay seated until the Magic Team tell you it is your turn to leave the Big Top.

Frequently Asked Covid-19 Questions

I belong to a high risk group. Can I still come and see the show?

The RIVM advises people from risk groups to be extra careful and to follow the corona measures carefully. It is also extra important for visitors of people who belong to a risk group to follow the basic rules carefully. Another advice is to avoid crowds and ‘uncontrollable’ situations. Thanks to the protocol, there is a controllable situation at Magic Circus and we keep a distance of 1.5 meters if we are not from the same household. You are therefore welcome, but keep in mind the rules and additional advice from RIVM. For example, if you are too vulnerable to babysit your grandchildren, or to receive visitors at a distance of 1.5 meters, then a circus visit is not a good idea.

How can I go to the toilet during a performance?

You can’t as THERE ARE NO TOILETS. The stricter rules regarding distance and hygiene in combination with the small circus team makes it impossible for us to bring toilets for visitors on tour. In addition, no one is allowed to get up and leave the tent.

What happens if I am late?

At the start of the performance, the big top closes and no one is allowed in or out anymore. So unfortunately you can no longer enter and you are not entitled to a refund. Do you know in advance that you will be late due to traffic jams? Please contact our marketing department and we will look for a good solution, such as converting the tickets for a visit to another performance. PAY ATTENTION! We do our best, but conversions are not always possible and we only try to help as a service, we are not required to do so. Best is to leave home on time with some time to spare.

How can we make sure we can sit together?

We allow our visitors to enter the circus big top per household. If your households enters the big top one after the other, you can indicate this, if possible we will help, but we cannot guarantee anything. Certainly not if you come in last and there is no space to put you together at an appropriate distance.

My child will visit alone can I accompany him or her into the big top to ensure they are okay?

Normally this was not a problem, but in the “new normal” unfortunately it is. If you don’t have a ticket yourself, you cannot enter the circus big top.

How do you ensure social distancing?

We have appointed a special Corona Responsible and Supervisor. Her job is to ensure that everyone keeps their distance, so that we can enjoy the circus safely and comfortably.

Kids are exempt from social distancing so why aren’t they allowed to walk around during the show?

We have never allowed children to walk around, because it disturbs other audience members and the concentration of the artists. In addition, parents cannot take hold of a misbehaving / mischievous child walking around when it is walking around, because they have to keep their distance because of the 1.5 meter rules. Even if a child would play nicely; An artist out of concentration can lead to the failure of a trick with possible deadly consequences. We prefer to stay healthy, so everyone stays put.