On this page we’ve created a clear overview of the most important Covid-19 measures and regulation we’ve put into place to ensure the safest way to create our circus magic for both audiences and our team. The entire document with the measures that was checked by the city council (in Dutch) can be viewed on the right. We’ll be adding an English version shortly for those who’d like to know all the details.

Without a protocol it isn’t allowed to give any performances. That is why the Magic Team takes the measures and regulations very serious and we will ensure that they are strictly followed. We can only beat Covid19 together, so we ask all our visitors for their co-operation. Visitors who do not comply with the regulations will be denied acces to the circus and/or removed from the premises without the right to a ticket refund. Unfortunately this is the only way for us to keep everyone else safe.

 The Magic Circus is a partner of the Alliance of Event Builders. Besides that we are also a board member of Circuspoint, the Dutch Circus Branche Platform. We not only participated in several negotiations, but very much actively involved in the creation of the COVID19 protocols to ensure the safest possible visit to a (circus)event for everyone.

A visit to Magic Circus is, just as a visit to the supermarket or family members, entirely at your own risk.


Only available to local councils, the government and the RIVM

Overview of Covid19 regulations during a visit to Magic Circus

Frequently asked Covid19 questions