Aerial acrobatics in the Magic Circus

Magic Circus
The Dutch Urban Circus

Welcome to the website of the preferred and favourite circus of modern families. Circus as it isn’t meant to be. Poetic, provocative, up tempo, tantalizing and sometimes even more than crazy… completely mental!

Every year the Magic Team presents a brand-new production in the Magic Dome big top. Intimate circus, we perform right up your nose, that touches you. Magic Circus embraces the child in every audience member. We carefully lure children and adults away from their screens to help them (re)discover live-entertainment. To spend quality time together and create shared experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. And all that at an affordable price too!

Magic Circus can be admired at their yearly appearances in the regions of Amsterdam, Zwolle, Leiden, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Be sure to not miss it!

Currently we are not performing due to the COVID19 restrictions. But we are not just hanging about. We are still busy in revamping our website. So not all info is online yet, so be sure to be back soon.

Naturally you can still follow the Magic Team adventures on Facebook and Instagram.