Amsterdam’s favourite circus returns every year with a brand-new production. Below you can discover where and when you can experience the magic of the Magic Circus. Click on the location to discover not only the performance hours, ticket prices and exact location, but also the COVID19-measures that have been put into place to ensure the safest possible circus experience for you and our team.

Magic Circus, the Amsterdam City Circus

Magic Circus is the Amsterdam City Circus. City Circus? Yes, you could also say Urban Circus as we are offer high paced, modern and yet intimate clean family entertainment.  

Magic Circus offers a performance that fulfills the circus desire of the Amsterdam population. Clean, at a fair price, modern, but cosy and above all suitable and fun for the entire family. It is the missing link between classical circus and circus à la Soleil (the not bankrupt version) .

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Fair warning: sometimes we take the term story telling a bit too literally, but then you can’t really trust anything you read on social media nowadays, can you?

Every year from Easter to mid-September Amsterdam is just that bit more special. because it is then that Magic Circus can be experienced in and around the city. With exception from the warm summer months when we take a well deserved break.

You might have noticed that 2020 is slightly different from other years. Half a year we were forced to stop and couldn’t tour Amsterdam. But we will not let our fans in Amsterdam down!

We’ve managed to squeeze five location across Amsterdam into our busy tour schedule. 

Naturally we are carefully monitoring the Covid19-situation to ensure that our audience members can see our show according to the latest RIVM-regulations.

The five locations planned are The Oosterpark, the green area at the Theophile de Bockstraat, Osdorp opposite Theater De Meervaart, the Joris Ivensplein on IJburg and the Purmerplein in Noord (North).

Don’t forget to read our Corona measures as some things are very different from usual. 

Magic Circus, Amsterdam's Favourite Circus