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Magic Circus
The Dutch Urban Circus

Welcome to the website of the preferred and favourite circus of modern families in The Netherlands. Circus as it isn’t meant to be. Poetic, slightly provocative, up tempo, tantalizing and sometimes even more than crazy… completely mental!

Anna Jednorowicz during a performance of Magic Circus Ho, Ho...HO! 2022

Every year the Magic Team presents a brand-new production in the Magic Dome big top. Intimate circus, we perform right up your nose, that touches you. Magic Circus embraces the child in every audience member. We carefully lure children and adults away from their screens to help them (re)discover live-entertainment. To spend quality time together and create shared experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. And all that at an affordable price too!

Magic Circus can be admired at their yearly appearances in the regions of Amsterdam, Zwolle, Leiden, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Be sure to not miss it!

Naturally you can follow the Magic Team adventures on Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok.

Pascalle Poelman during a performance of Magic Circus Ho, Ho...HO! 2022

Covid-19 and Magic Circus

As from February the 25th 2022 most Covid-19 measures for events are dropped. You DO NOT need to test for admittance to visit Magic Circus. This measure only applies to events with a capacity of 500 people or more.

Naturally we still care about your (and our) health and safety. That is why:

  • We still have hand sanitizer stations on several location on the circus lot;
  • We will keep ventilating the big top;
  • We still disinfect all the big top after every performance;
  • We do not mind at all if you prefer to wear a face mask during your visit.

In 2020 and 2021 we gave successful performances without causing any Covid-19 contamination. We would like to keep it that way in 2022. So if you show any signs, stay at home or take a self test to ensure you are Covid free!

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