Stadspas Amsterdam Special 2022

The Stadspas Amsterdam Special 2022 has been announced: Holders of a Children’s Stadspas from Amsterdam with the age from 3 to 14 years old can attend the performances of Magic Circus together with one supervisor for only €1 per person. … Lees meer

Stadspas Amsterdam Offer 2021

Holders of a Children’s Stadspas from Amsterdam can visit Magic Circus Premium Performances together with one adult for only €1,- per person. Tickets are only available at the circus box office and NOT ONLINE OR VIA TELEPHONE. Do you want … Lees meer

Visit Magic Circus on World Circus day

17 April is World Circus Day. Normally a day on which the Magic Team had been touring The Netherlands for some time already. This year however an opportune day to look forward to the start of the season. To lift … Lees meer

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