Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some of our frequently asked questions. Isn’t your question one of them? Send us an email!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not give additional tour info. Just watch this site and/or follow our event-list on Facebook.

What is the duration of the performance and is there an interval?

The show duration is approx. 110 minutes, including interval.
We try to start the show on schedule, but due to crowd management and/or people who all arrive at the same time (just before show start) it can happen that we are forced to start a bit late.

Is the circus wheel chair accessible?

Our Magic Dome big top is wheel chair accessible, but we do not have wheel chair accessible toilets. We have a limited amount of Wheel Chair Accessible Seats and THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. Due to the limited amount available every performance a visit with your wheelchair need to be applied for by email (minimum one day before the show) via pers@magic-circus.nl
If you buy regular tickets online and then contact us that you are coming with a wheelchair, it is possible that there are no more wheel chair accessible places available. In that case we do not offer refunds.

Why isn’t the tour of the entire year online?

We only announce our locations a couple of weeks before our arrival. Especially during the pandemic regional contaminations can force us to make last minute changes to our tour schedule or to cancel certain locations. This is easier to do when no tickets have been sold yet. Besides that, we also strive to remain flexible in planning special performances for care homes and or primary schools who booked their own exclusive performance via the Dutch National Care Circus (www.zorgcircus.nl).

From what age can Magic Circus be visited?

Circus originally is an elite cultural activity for adults. That is why Magic Circus does not focus 100% on children. We do awaken the child in everyone in our audiences. We always say our performances are also fun for kids. As care taker of a child you know best what your child likes, finds scary or dislikes. Magic Circus plays with emotions. Sometimes we are very thrilling (even for adults), the other minute we are funny or poetic. We’ve had babies that liked the colors of the lights, and 4-year olds refusing to enter the big top because they were afraid to do so. You know best if your child is ready or not.

Why do I have to buy a ticket for a one year old?

Safety regulations force us to account for every person from 1 year or older in our big top with an entrance ticket because they are part of the maximal allowed capacity of the big top.

Can my child remain seated in its own pram or buggy?

No, just as in theaters and cinemas prams and buggies are not allowed in the circus auditorium. This due to safety measures as they prevent a smooth exit in case of an emergency. We can place them under the seating system (at your own risk). Circus staff can park the pram or show you were to park it to ensure that emergency exits are not blocked.

Waarom moet ik mijn email en telefoonnummer invoeren als ik online kaarten bestel?

In het online bestelproces is uw email verplicht omdat we je anders de kaarten niet kunnen toesturen. Een telefoonnummer is handig voor het uitzonderlijke geval dat we genoodzaakt zijn een voorstelling te annuleren door extreme weersomstandigheden of als de overheid per direct een lockdown afkondigt i.v.m. bijvoorbeeld Corona.

De gegevens gebruiken wij dus NIET VOOR MARKETINGDOELEINDEN! Verfrissend nietwaar?! We gaan je niet bellen met geweldige aanbiedingen, we gaan je niet spammen in je inbox of per SMS. Na de voorstelling worden de gegevens gewist. Waren meer bedrijven maar net als Magic Circus!

Hoe laat moeten we aanwezig zijn?

Alle zitplaatsen zijn ongenummerd, dus wie als eerste naar binnengaat zit het best binnen de gekochte categorie. De Magic Dome circustent opent ca. 15 minuten voor de start van de voorstelling, soms staat er dan al een rij. De circuskassa is open van 60 minuten tot 15 minuten voor iedere voorstelling.

In de voorverkoop zijn geen kaarten meer verkrijgbaar, wat nu?!

Alleen als er UITVERKOCHT staat, zijn er geen plaatsen meer beschikbaar.
Probeer je nog op dezelfde dag voor de voorstelling te reserveren en start deze binnen 120 minuten? Dan is de online kaartverkoop al gestopt. Zo weet ons kassateam exact hoeveel kaarten er nog verkocht kunnen worden. Je kan dan dus nog kaarten reserveren aan de circuskassa bij het circus. Deze is van 60 tot 15 minuten voor elke voorstelling geopend. Uiteraard geldt ook aan de circuskassa: zolang de voorraad strekt!

Reserveer dus altijd op tijd en niet last-minute, al helemaal als je in het weekend wilt komen genieten.

Can I buy tickets at the circus box office for another day?

YES YOU CAN! Naturally there can be quite a line just before the start of a performance, but if you arrive upon opening or just after opening of the box office (an hour before every performance) it would be no problem at all. So lets say you would like to purchase tickets for Sunday on Wednesday, no problem. Please do realize that bought tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded for other dates or showtimes and that if a show is fully booked even our Magic Box Office team cannot help you.

Can I just say the online voucher code at the circus box office?

No. Well you can, but it doesn’t help. Online is online and not at the circus box office. But if you have a discount voucher, you can use the online code on it to book online, or bring the voucher to the box office. Beware that one discount voucher can be used for a discount price for max. 4 persons. If you want to be sure you have a seat, we advise to book online, especially for the weekend performances.

If you do not want to buy tickets online, you can also purchase your tickets beforehand at the box office on a previous show day.

Does the circus have toilets?

Due to the extra hygiene protocol measures to prevent Covid contamination we are unable to safely open our toilets to our audience. Therefore there are NO TOILETS.

Our primary school has a circus project. Can you help?

YES WE CAN! Magic Circus even has its very own Educational Department to coordinate school and BSO visits and projects. Be sure to visit our page on what we offer BSO’s and schools.

What are your COVID-measures?

We’ve answered this question on our homepage.

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